About BTF.Finance Project

BTF Finance one-stop DeFi aggregator

It’s been over 11 years since the birth of BTC in 2009, and in the process, a variety of highly innovative projects and applications have emerged, but they’ve never made it to the general public. Until Defi came along and gave us hope of getting out of the Crypto, a major innovation in the crypto-digital currency world and a major revolution in real-world finance! At this historic moment, BTF’s team also decided to join the revolutionary wave, determined to use our professional technical accomplishment, keen industry insight, and pragmatic and practical spirit to enable everyone around us to participate in this financial feast of the cryptosphere in the easiest way, and to practice true financial inclusion!

‌BTF is a one-stop aggregator, committed to creating a lightweight, open and free financial world in which everyone can participate. At this point, we are standing at the beginning of the DeFi explosion and facing the vast future of the DeFi world.

1. Product design

BTF will follow the guidelines of no private placements and no pre-digging, linear release and double-mining, which is widely recognized and accepted as the best way to allocate tokens to maximize user returns. BTF tokens will be used as a reward for providing liquidity and bToken (bToken for details) mining.

BTF Vault is an intelligent yield aggregator, based on the DeFi protocol that automates the allocation of optimal yield strategies. It can help users obtain the best market returns with a single click, thus greatly reducing the participation threshold for ordinary users and avoiding the loss of returns due to information asymmetry. And when the yield in each protocol fluctuates, the BTF Vault protocol will automatically transfer positions and funds, a series of operations are completed through smart contracts on the chain, fully open and transparent. At the same time, all machine gun pool strategies are based on the three principles of safety first, second yield and third cycle, is committed to achieve no loss of capital, high yield, stable and sustainable.

BTF Vault Features

Multiple Chains, Multiple Controller, Multiple Strategies

BTF Vault will upgrade the protocol in steps to achieve the following three things:

  1. Multi-chain yield combinations are supported. As long as users deposit single-chain assets, BTF Vault can optimize the management of user assets for multi-chain yield combinations.
  2. Multi-asset matching portfolios are supported. As long as users deposit a single asset, BTF Vault can implement LP income strategies across pools of assets.
  3. Multi-strategy control combinations are supported. For a single pool of assets, BTF Vault can match multiple strategies at the same time, balancing the amount of capital according to the capacity of each strategy and ultimately maximizing the return on pooled assets.

2.BTF token distribution

Total supply of BTF: 1,000,000

Issuance mechanism: 100,000 BTF Tokens are fixed for the first week and then reduced by 10% each week, with rewards starting on the first day of the project.

15% of the BTF tokens will be used as a development fund and 5% of the BTF tokens will be used as a community fund. After the project is launched, the community can vote to make changes to the percentage.

3. BTF Reward

Through our automated yield farming, users will receive rewards depending on which pool they enter, which are automatically harvested into the best pool asset. In addition to the yields and rewards from harvesting, the protocol provides incentives to its users for making deposits. Users of Harvest receive $BTF. Through adding new pools and strategies, we will be able to keep expanding the list of reward assets.

The distribution of pools and reward weights are as follows:

Uniswap LP pools: 4pools/1x

Stable coin pools: 2pools/3x

Curve pools: 1pool/2x

BTF LP pools: 1pools/8x

3. Security Audit

Security is important to us. BTF has been audited by KNOWNSEC, please refer to the audit report for details.


4. How You Can Participate

BTF.Finance will be launched on GMT 2020.11.04 09:00 and will be available to all users who wish to use the protocol.

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BTF Finance one-stop cross-chain DeFi yield protocol